What is beauty

A good definition of what beauty is could be a colourful, natural and luminous plumage. In our body we have a slice of blue sky, some jungle, a radiant sun and a volcano in full eruption..

Therefore we are and so the world sees us, we fit perfectly.

But if you ask me, beauty is not only plumage, beauty lies in the little things, which are what makes us great: character, personality, the ability to feel good about oneself, breaking with the established rules, go out, have fun and enjoy the good times.

Once found the beauty…
who can tell us where we can fit in and where not?
So I decided it was time to rewrite my story, to change my plumage, to travel away from my comfortable life in the jungle.
Now I fly with you, for you to enjoy, so you feel different, to demonstrate our rebelliousness.

Enjoy the trip
Enjoy the colors
Enjoy the experience